Giga seedbox

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If you want a dedicated, cost effective performance with root access and freedom to install and manage on your own terms, Giga seedbox offers you a great hosting solution in Belgium. It provides better uptime than shared web hosting, which represents a great advantage for businesses that are in demand of this. With your own dedicated environment, anything you do within your seedbox will not affect the other seedbox hosted on the same server. Belgian seedbox services provide you with high reliability and large amount of control at affordable prices.

These are only some of the advantages of using our services for your business:

  • Full control and root access for its users, which means you can personalize your own system and adjust it to your own needs.
  • Getting an economical hosting service which will save you money, especially compared to the costs of using dedicated server.
  • Every customer gets more security and independence (with his own operating system, either Windows or Linux) as other individual hosting accounts on the server cannot harm him in any way.
  • You get your own main resources and assigned space on the hard drive.

With freedom to do what you want and when you want, and a price which is money-saving, Belgian seedbox service is an excellent option for you.

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