Giga seedbox

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If you require hosting services of amazing CPU power with dedicated control of your account but at very affordable prices, then seedbox Denmark is an excellent choice for you. It has the privacy of a separate physical computer and enables you the access to the root level of the hosting servers. Being an economical, efficient and reliable choice, Danish seedbox is basically the bridge between the least expensive shared hosting and the highly expensive dedicated web hosting. Unlike the shared hosting, it offers consistent service and it is highly stable and secure.

If you decide to try Denmark seedbox service, you will be provided with the following:

  • Personalizing your system features according to your own needs and demands (you can choose OS and install any application you require);
  • More affordable price compared to the costs of a dedicated server (with Danish seedbox services, you can significantly reduce your costs and hosting expenditure);
  • Absolute control and independence from other users of the server (other users cannot affect you in any single way since every virtual server gets its own OS);
  • The use of your own resources (you get your own RAM, bandwidth and disk space).

Giga seedbox is certainly the preferred choice of small to medium-sized sites and a solution created to fit your specific and individual needs and requirements.

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