Giga seedbox

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seedbox Hong Kong is a really great answer for those businesses which need security in hosting at a low cost. Each customer has access to all the web hosting resources and assigned space. Besides that, Hong Kong seedbox services are cheaper than dedicated hosting but more secure than the shared ones. This is the best option based on the concept of virtualization and created by dividing a high end server into small servers.

When deciding to choose our services, you should be aware of the following advantages:

  • Customers have complete independence unlike in shared hosting, which means that you cannot be harmed in any way by all the other service users.
  • Total control and full root access with the ability to set up your system according to your own demands.
  • Hong Kong seedbox is also a very affordable option for you, unlike the expensive dedicated hosting.
  • You are provided with your own resources such as RAM and bandwidth.

All our users can set up their tools and add-ons as they require and install programs they need. Giga seedbox provides you with an excellent hosting option in Hong Kong if you want to be sure that you are getting the best value for your money.

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