Giga seedbox

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Giga seedbox represents seedbox hosting solution in Spain which is an ideal compromise between shared and dedicated hosting services. It is reliable, powerful and secure, as well as a very affordable option. It will allocate virtual private servers and bandwidth to more than one website making it cheaper hosting option, because customers won't have to pay for a dedicated server to host their website. With full root access that gives our customers an opportunity to manage their system with total control and stability, Spanish seedbox services are an excellent option for various types of customers.

It is important to know some of the many benefits of using our services:

  • You pay less than for dedicated hosting services, but get more than with the shared hosting.
  • All the other individual users of the same server cannot influence you in any way.
  • You get the performance similar to a fully managed dedicated server as you have a full control over your system with the ability to set your own usage and configuration options.
  • Once you have decided to use our services, Spanish seedbox assigns you your own resources (RAM, bandwidth, disk space).

Many advantages provided by seedbox Spain hosting service make it the top server choice for individuals that want to expand their business with significant control and reliability.

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